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Brand new in 2020, the Brisbane Portrait Prize has introduced an Under 18 category to increase participation and provide support for young and aspiring artists.

This is a tough time for many, and everyone is finding different ways of coping. Artists of all ages have special ways of looking at the world, and interpreting the extraordinary circumstances.

This is a shout out to young artists to get working. Think about what a portrait is. Does it have to be realistic? Can it be an impression of someone? Can it be a picture of their favourite thing? Or feature their favourite colour?

Traditionally, it is a realistic portrayal of a head and face. But contemporary forms of expression have already stretched those boundaries. 

It can be a digital creation, it does not have to be from a live sitting, although it is encouraged, and it can be a drawing or painting, but it does not have to be. Think digital, mixed media, or tapestry. 

Below you will find key information about entering the Under 18 category of the Brisbane Portrait Prize.

If you have further questions, please do get in touch on

Key Dates


  • The artist and subject must be Australian residents from the date entries open until the date finalists are notified

  • The artist must be under 18 years old as at the closing of entries

  • The artist and subject must have a connection with Brisbane

  • This connection must be outlined as part of the entry process

  • All subjects with a connection to Brisbane are welcome and admissible, including self-portraits.

  • The Brisbane Portrait Prize does encourage artists to consider producing portraits of people who have contributed to Brisbane

  • All subjects must be alive at the time the artwork is produced

The Artwork

  • An original artwork, entirely completed and owned outright by the submitting artist
  • All artwork must be 2 dimensional

  • All artists must have the Subject’s consent to enter the artwork in the Competition, including ensuring they understand the artwork may be displayed to the public.

  • Portraits must have been completed within the 3 year period leading up to the Prize entry date

  • Artworks must not have won first prize in any other major portraiture competition

  • Please Note: Taking into consideration the Federal Government’s social distancing requirements due to COVID-19, all 2020 entries will not be required to have a live sitting to enter the prize.

  • The subject must be aware he or she is having a portrait done, however, and have given permission.

Artwork must be:
  • ​A maximum size of 2m high by 2m wide, inc the frame
  • A maximum weight of 15 kg
  • Wall-mountable, including use of D Rings and hanging wire.
  • May be multi-panelled, but must fit within the size restrictions.
  • Original and not infringe the copyright, moral rights or other rights of any third party. 
Additionally, for Digital artworks:
  • The submitted portrait may be produced using photographic elements, manipulation of the image is welcomed, and this may be in the pre or post production of the image
  • Selection weight will be given to those entries that display a clear artistic and creative approach to the subject
  • All digital mediums are eligible, but must be presented in a 2D printed form that can be hung in display.
  • Videos and other forms of display requiring power cables are not eligible 

Entry Cost


A non-refundable $25 entry fee (incl GST) per entry must be paid online using a credit card. Entries will not be accepted until the entry fee has been received.

More Info


Looking for further information? We recommend checking out our:

If you have further questions, please do get in touch on – we will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours.