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A: Yes, the prize will go ahead. If not as a traditional exhibition, then in a digital form.
A: Taking into consideration the Federal Government’s social distancing requirements, all 2020 entries will not be required to have a live sitting to enter the prize.
You must have the Subject’s consent to enter the artwork in the Competition, including ensuring they understand the artwork may be displayed to the public. Your artwork may be a self-portrait.
We are also still hopeful that it will be safe to hold a Finalists Exhibition. However, if this is not the case, we will look to display the Finalists’ artworks digitally.
23 February >> Entries Open
16 August >> Entries Close
20 September >> Finalists Announced
30 September >> Finalists Exhibition Opens
6 October >> Winners Announced
1 November >> Finalists Exhibition Closes

A: 11.59pm on Sunday August 16 2020

A: Absolutely. You may enter as many times as you like, however, each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry form and payment.

A: No. But if the work has been a finalist in another major competition, it can be entered.

A: Yes you may, however, we do encourage you to submit new works.

A: All artworks must have been completed within a 3 year period leading up to the closing date for entries set out in the Key Dates.
Unfortunately, anything older than 3 years is not eligible.

A: Yes, however, the artwork must not have won first prize in any other major portraiture competition.

A: Taking into consideration the Federal Government’s social distancing requirements due to COVID-19, all 2020 entries will not be required to have a live sitting to enter the prize.

The subject must be aware he or she is having a portrait done, however, and have given permission.

A: No. Any 2 dimensional work is ok, including drawing, collage, and print making.

A: Board members and judges are ineligible to enter the prize.

A: Absolutely. Not only may they enter, they are wholeheartedly encouraged to!

A: All entries are eligible for the Lord Mayor’s Prize. Entrants will then have the option to further nominate themselves at the time of entry for other relevant categories.

All entrants are also eligible for the Courier-Mail People’s choice and the Packer’s Prize.

A: Yes, if you feel this is the best representation of your subject that is absolutely okay.

A: Unfortunately no. The digital category is restricted to still images that are wall-hangable.

A: Absolutely, as long as the portrait is 2D and can be printed and hung, you may construct the image however you like.

A: No. Artwork needs to be 2D and wall-hangable.

A: The artist and sitter do not have to live in Brisbane but a social, educational or professional connection is required.

The connection must be explained in the online entry form. Examples include:

>>The artist or sitter grew up in Brisbane.

>> The artist or sitter used to have holidays in Brisbane.

>> The artist or sitter visits Brisbane regularly.

>> The artist exhibits with a Brisbane Gallery.

Please note, these examples are illustrative only.

A: You may paint whoever you like. However we recommend considering what Brisbane means to you. Is there a person who has influenced your experience of Brisbane?

You must be under the age of 18 the day entries close (August 16 2020) to be eligible for the under 18 category.

A: Yes – it’s also a great isolation activity to do with those you live with.

A: The subject must have been alive when the portrait was painted.

A: Yes, you may include as many portraits as you like within your artwork.

A: Unfortunately not. Whilst we acknowledge that animals are an important part of our lives, all sitters must be human.

A: Yes. All finalist didactics will feature the artist’s representing gallery name if the artist nominated a gallery at the time of entry.

A: No. All works are for exhibition only.