Onion Skinning by aritst

Melissa Ritchie is a portrait artist who most recently has established herself as a painter of comedians, having painted Rhys Nicholson, Nazeem Hussain, Luke McGregor, Fiona O'Loughlan plus a number of other Australian comics. Melissa has been a finalist in many National Art Prizes including the Black Swan, Shirley Hannan, Kilgour, Portia Geach, Percival and the Archibald Prize. Ritchie has family in Brisbane, and has visited for holidays all her life. This portrait is called "Onion skinning". Onion skinning is a term for a technique used in animation. Traditionally, animators drew individual frames on thin onion-skin paper, over a light source. The animators would put the previous and next drawings exactly beneath the working drawing, so that they could draw the 'in between' to give a smooth motion. Ritchie has painted transparent versions of Matt surrounding the solid, primary portrait, to showcase all the 'in between' paths he may turn to at any one moment in his diverse career. The artist represents themselves.

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