Mabel Crosby

by Carla Benzie

A portrait of

Mabel Crosby


Watercolour and pencil


95cm x 115cm

About the artist

Carla Benzie was born in Canberra, and moved to Brisbane after she finished school. She started a tattoo apprenticeship, and now has her own tattoo studio in the southern suburbs. She in increasingly working on her own artistic practice, focusing on large portraits, and images of the face. She has long had a respect and admiration for the elderly, and when she realised Mabel Crosby, Queensland's oldest living person, lived nearby, she decided to ask if she could paint her.  

The artist represents themselves. 

About the sitter

Mabel Crosby has lived a rich and varied life. Born in the UK in 1909, she has the distinction of being Queensland's oldest person, having turned 110 in September this year. Mabel moved to Australia with her parents when she was three, and moved to Brisbane in 1984 to be closer to family. Mabel is much loved by her adoring, and ever growing family, comprising her three daughters, now in their late 70's early 80s, and her 10 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, and seven great-great-grandchildren.

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