Amy Sheppard - Ascension

by Beth Mitchell

A portrait of

Amy Sheppard


Photographic print on metallic pearl paper and acrylic 


100cm x 150cm

About the artist

Beth Mitchell is an underwater fine art photographer. Her unique style is created by setting up elaborate underwater sets, using anchors to hold objects in place, to form the backdrop to her portraits.  She then spends hours shooting underwater, directing her subjects so she gets the particular "other worldly" effect she is after. The images are seemingly idealistic, and fluid, perfected by a polished technique, yet they whisper deeply into contemporary societal dialogue. She says: "My images explore and echo classic and contemporary art themes, as well as stories of strong Australian female achievers.  I am emotively captivated by the underwater environment."

The artist represents themselves. 

About the sitter

Amy Sheppard is one of Brisbane's best known musicians. Her band, Sheppard, shot to international fame with their 2014 single ‘Geronimo’, with three weeks at number 1 in Australia, top 10 across Europe and a platinum for over one million sales in the US. Recently, Amy Sheppard has gained a massive following for her unfiltered and honest approach to body image.  Dubbed the ‘Kiss My Fat Ass’ movement, the group has turned this powerful message into a song. Mitchell says of Sheppard: "Look closely at this woman of strength, talent and unique beauty. She’s cold, her skin has goosebumps and yet she is poised in a goddess-like levitation. She embodies her influential stance with humility and ease. I’m captivated by the commanding use of her fame earned through musical success. Amy leads by example, propelling women towards a new notion of true beauty. Truth isn’t “perfect”, a world where diversity and acceptance reign will allow us to bask in the freedom of a new kind of perfection. I crave that world; we’re working on it. Maybe we can be at peace when we get there."

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