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Urban Artists by Keith Burt

Urban Artists

Keith Burt

A portrait of
Matthew Tobin & Daniel Tobin
Oil on canvas


84 x 66 cm
The artist is represented by Jan Murphy
No specific categories
About the artwork

I mucked around with the idea for this painting for a long time. And had several false starts. Putting two figures in a portrait isn’t necessarily easy for your composition, but in the end I found a way to make it work and executed the final piece quite quickly.

About the sitter

Matthew and Daniel Tobin started Urban Art Projects in Brisbane in 1993. Now a global company, UAP is recognised world-round as a leader in public art and architectural design solutions.

About the artist

Keith Burt is a Brisbane artist who works across landscape, portraiture and still life painting. He has been a finalist in the Archibald prize twice, first in 2017 with a portrait of QAGOMA Assistant Director, Tarragh Cunningham, and again in 2019, depicting Queensland-born writer and journalist, Benjamin Law.

“I wrestled with the arrangement for a long time before settling on the final "bus seat" pose. ”

Behind the scenes

Dan and Matt are great friends of mine and I have been keen to paint them for some time. 

Turns out putting two people in one portrait is quite problematic, it alters the focus and complicates the composition. I wrestled with the arrangement for a long time before settling on the final “bus seat” pose. I think it works, I want them to look visionary, as their work at UAP is.