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A Man and His Shed by Carla Benzie

A man and his shed

Carla Benzie

A portrait of
David Parkinson
Water colour and pencil


200 x 166 cm
The artist represents themselves
Sylvia Jones Prize for Women Artists
About the artwork

Inspired by the many stories from the old street signs to the hat on his head, the antiques he’s collected and the old style of his shed, Carla Benzie decided this piece was going to be her biggest yet (taking about 300 hours to complete). She says that, “If only the viewer could hear the artwork talk, they would hear that David’s stories are endless, tireless, and full of history and humour.”

About the sitter

From the deserts of Central Australia to Tasmania’s West coast (and just about everywhere between and beyond) David “Emu” Parkinson is well used to travelling around Australia, first as a child with his sisters as part of a government soldier settlement scheme in the 50’s and later searching for nickel, ore and water. Throughout his travels he has collected stories and objects and stored them all in his shed.

About the artist

Carla Benzie is a self taught artist, tattooist and animal charity fundraiser. Her happiest moments are spent pottering away on new creations in her blissful bush studio or quietly sitting in solitude somewhere amongst her array of sweet cheeky animals. 

“My happiest moments are spent pottering away on new creations in my blissful bush studio or quietly sitting amongst my array of sweet cheeky animals in solitude somewhere.”

Behind the scenes